Forty days of giving showcases different organizations committed to helping communities in the United States overcome the issues that they face every day.
3 million homeless, 1.2 million youth leave school every year, 49.7 million with disabilities, 49 million are hungry, THE LIST GOES ON...
Need help There is too much to do in our lives. What is $10? $10 is a grande cafe’ mocha and muffin. $10 is a cab ride or 3 gallons of gasoline. $10 is lunch. But to many organizations here in the United States, $10 is 19 pounds of food at a food bank, $10 provides vitamins to 40 children, or provides a box of nails to build specially adapted homes for injured war veterans. $10 can make a difference and so can you. Join in giving $10 to the organizations profiled each day and help them with their quest to do something for those individuals and communities in need.
Think about it. If 10,000 people gave a dollar a day for 50 days, we would provide $500,000 to charity by the end of the year. If 10,000 people gave $5.00 a day we would provide $2.5 million to charity by the end of the year! What a difference we could make. Please join me and and give what you can.
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The number of people living in poverty in the Detroit area has grown by 21% in the last five years.

The nation’s highest unemployment rate and continued foreclosure crisis are taking their toll on Metro Detroit, as first-time homeless citizens are flocking to near-capacity shelters.  In Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties, advocates say people who are homeless for the first-time make up 20% to 40% of those seeking services.  There are now 533,354 people (13%) in the tri-county area living below the poverty level.  More than 204,000 children younger than 18 in the tri-county area live in poverty.  One of every five children in the tri-county area, and nearly half of all children in the City of Detroit, lives in poverty and is thus at high risk of hunger and under-nutrition.

Forgotten Harvest works to relieve hunger in the Detroit metropolitan community by rescuing prepared and perishable food and donating it to emergency food providers.  Forgotten Harvest currently rescues 12.5 million pounds of food per year by collecting surplus prepared and perishable food from a variety of sources such as grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, dairies, farmers, wholesale food distributors, and other Health Department-approved sources.  This donated food—that would otherwise go to waste—is delivered free of charge to emergency food providers in the metro Detroit area.

One donation of $1 provides 5 meals!

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